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Zixx: Level Two

Zixx: Level Two
13x1/2 hour.
Live action and animation.
Tween series for YTV.

In Season 2, Zixx and her partner Flanngo get through to Level 2 but Adam and Grif can’t follow.  Back to square one, Zixx recruits some new earthlings, Megan, Riley and eventually Duane.  The team must battle even more gruesome monsters in an ever unstable Keep if they are ever going to stop Onncalon from regenerating and therefore save the world.

Created by: Jeffrey Hirschfield.
Executive Producers: Alexandra Raffé, Ian Weir, Michael Shepard, Tim Gamble, Debbie Nightingale.
Producer: Ron McLeod.
Directors: Anthony Atkins, Adam Weissman, Tom Braidwood, Gary Harvey.
Writers: Ian Weir, Sarah Dodd, Rick Drew, Jeffrey Hirschfield, Elizabeth Stewart, Alan Levin.
Principal cast: Barbara Mamabolo, Michael Ecklund, Ephraim Ellis, Brenna O’Brien, Reece Thompson.
Broadcaster: YTV.
Distributors: Thunderbird Films, Rainmaker Entertainment.



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